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Water You Know, Water You Trust

Water Quality Monitoring Solutions via Microfluidics and Mini Spectrometry Sensors

Our Products


Data-Driven Water Quality Analysis

More Practical Allowing enterprises have independent data sources and algorithms to fit different business scenarios.
More Intelligent Utilizing artificial intelligence and cloud computing to monitor water quality data in real-time and combining perception, application, and information sharing.
Fewer Human Errors Reducing manual errors via detailed documentation and precise numerical analysis.


Ecomo Inc. is a technology-driven enterprise based in Silicon Valley dedicated to harnessing emerging new technologies such as smart sensors and data fusion to gain new insights and provide compelling new products and services to improve human health and quality of life. Ecomo products are based on microfluidics and spectrometry technologies, with a portable real-time online water quality monitoring device that integrates a variety of micro-sensors. To bring the technology to a consumer-friendly level, Ecomo utilizes its unique scientific algorithms to digitize complex water quality data and improve customer satisfaction.

The Evolution of Clean Water

Real-time water quality monitoring solutions open up countless new possibilities for the market; ecomo can help you take advantage of this trend by providing data fusion and smart sensor-based IoT products and services to increase your company assets.

Global Media Coverage

  • Like an internet-of-things device that could actually have an impact on public health and policy.

    -Fast Company
  • しかし、いくら無色透明で清潔に見えても、有害物質やバクテリアで汚染されているかもしれない。 検査せず飲むのは、危険な賭といえる。そんなときでも、水質検査機能付きスマート水筒「Ecomo」があれば安心して水を飲める。

  • But if you're worried about the purity of your water supply, you might appreciate the ability to make sure what you're dringing is safe.

    -Business Insider
  • 华人小伙发明饮水神奇受到关注:李智强在过去的15年里,一直将心思放在水污染研究上。 为了喝上放心的水,2014年他和卡内基梅隆大学和麻省理工学院的研究人员组成了研究团队, 花费300万美元,历时两年,开发出这款产品。